February 4th, 2022 Video Jace Talk: Terraforming

February 4th, 2022 Video

Jace Talk: Terraforming


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fifth thing that we're not adding to satisfactory is going to be terraforming another really really highly requested feature a lot of people love the idea of terraforming we can see the value in terraforming as well it's you know you don't really need to convince us that it's a cool, feature it certainly is we've played games that have terraforming in them and it's it's it's a great feature to have and it feels like a bit of a no-brainer for satisfactory and I mean I mean it would work as satisfactory I think it's in line with satisfactory, the problem with terraforming is that first of all it's just too late for us to add it now, this is and it has been for years this is something that we would need to build in mind like technically so that we could actually have that sort of functionality, so for the first part there's the technical aspect it's just too late five years in to start shoehorning this feature into the game the second thing is we have a handcrafted map and this map is crafted specifically to be played exactly the way that it is, and, it was not, created with, the thought that you could deform it in mind and so the current map just wouldn't work well with terraforming anyway even if we could do it it's not balanced for it if we were to add terraforming we would need a different map that works with terraforming it's too much to to do to make it a thing to make it a reality and we just don't really think it's kind of possible or feasible we would be undoing a lot of work that we've done before, and yeah not really something that we're going to be straying into the sixth thing on this