February 4th, 2022 Video Jace Talk: Intermission to 6 things we're NEVER adding to Satisfactory

February 4th, 2022 Video

Jace Talk: Intermission to 6 things we're NEVER adding to Satisfactory


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we've made it to the halfway point I kind of want to take a little breather for a second and I want to talk about just something that I've said for the previous three things so in all three things I've kind of mentioned that it's not the game we're making and like the thing is I think this maybe feels like a cop-out reason I've given other reasons for them as well but but that particular reason is something that might feel like a cop-out reason or maybe even feel a little dismissive but- I want to add a little weight to it because it's a very very important reason it's a very deliberate thing that we need to take care of when we decide what we're going to be doing in the game so before a game developer sets out to make a game they have near endless possibilities of what they can make they can make pretty much any game but when they sit down to make a specific game they can no longer make any game or every game they can only make the game that they're making do you know what I mean the game that you're making is is just what it is or another way to think about it is that the game that you're making is also specifically not what it isn't there are more things that your game isn't then there are things that that your game is does that make any sense and so from the perspective of where you are with your game it's very very easy to look out and find other things you know things that your game isn't and see value with them and and think well maybe I should put that in my game and this is something that developers struggle with all the time, it's always very hard to think about well what should I be bringing in from the outside so one example that I can kind of give here is just if we just take for example the argument of like well should satisfactory have more chaotic or urgent or stressful, elements to its gameplay or should it remain peaceful and kind of chill right and the thing is like you can go either way and there's value in either direction right so satisfactory could be more stressful more chaotic have more urgency in it and that could still absolutely be a good game I can imagine that kind of game and I can imagine there being fun there right but I can also imagine the game as it is now where it is more chill and there's a lot of fun and value in this as well and so you can have these two competing ideas where where the game could be more chaotic and stressful or it could remain chill and you know calm right these two ideas are fundamentally incompatible with each other for the most part but they're both still valid and both still viable so what do you do in that case like you can't really have everything because if you try and blend them together you get something else you don't get chaotic and peaceful you get a blend which is different to the other two and so some folks might say well then what if you just have options so that people can set the game to chaotic or set the game to peaceful but then you're just making two games right like you can have game modes that kind of modify the way that the game is if you wish but you need to have a base game to modify to begin with so what do you do in that case the only thing you can do is just pick something choose something and then do that like I said before you can't make every game you can only make the game that you're making so it's just important for us to make a decision on what is our game what direction does our game go in and it's really important for us to stick to that and make that as good as possible because it is really really easy to grab other ideas and introduce more things just because they're good and it's really important that like ideas that are outside of what your game are being good is not alone a justification for that one that feature being part of your game or two that your game is actually lacking something that doesn't actually mean that at all it's just inevitable because there's more things that your game isn't than what it is that there's going to be other things on the outside that seem valuable right so I hope that makes some sense, I don't know if I did a really good job of explaining it but if I did leave a thanks chase helps a lot in the comments below okay so we're gonna get back to it