February 4th, 2022 Video Jace Talk: Merch

February 4th, 2022 Video

Jace Talk: Merch


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interesting before we get into it I have a two two little news points to talk about real quick and the first is merch so we actually kind of have like two merch stores now if you remember way back when we did a video where, there was a kickstarter by, dave from heroic replicas doing some cool satisfactory merch stuff with the kickstarter campaign they've now launched a shop where you can pre-order some of those things including a mug by the way a couple mugs as well as liza dogger plushies, xeno basher and stuff like that, yeah various things you can now pre-order stuff on that site so that's elizabdogo.com link in the description below but also we still have our other store which is now, with good smile used to be four fans by fans but all that merch is still there the t-shirts and stuff but they also have a liz dogger plushie available for pre-order as well so we have three kinds of plushies now, of varying sizes and prices so maybe there'll be a plushie that you'd be interested in getting one thing to note though is both of these stores shipped from the us so anyone outside of the us for example folks in eu, shipping can get a little loopy so, this is still something that we're trying to solve and to try find solutions for but these two stores still do ship pretty much everywhere in the world it's just yeah sometimes shipping is not not as good as as you would you would hope but, you know check it out see if there's anything that you might be interested in links for both those stores in the description below the other thing I want to say real quick is there's been an update to the game and