July 19th, 2018 Dev Blog Truck

July 19th, 2018 Dev Blog



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previous menu so let's move on to the truck the truck is super nice I think it's a big vehicle it's much faster than the tractor it's much more reliable with these big wheels and a nice suspension it feels really heavy it's got a bigger storage size than the tractor does so let's just take it for a little spin let's fit these here you can see it feels really heavy I think it's really nice so like there's some rough terrain over here that we can there's like a little bump in the level over here you can see that little ditch let's hit that so you know it handles those things quite nicely so as you can see here the the turning circle is pretty tight which is super nice and one of the things that helps with that is the the rear wheels counter steer to the front wheels super nice another feature that I haven't mentioned yet is we actually have drifting in this game now the tractor can't drift at all but the truck can just a little bit and it's mostly just for handling just so you know you can do what you want and get get where you want easy that the truck can function the way you want it to so here's the normal turn and then I'll activate drift you'll see that it tightens quite a lot and I hit that spike there so you can also get some like pretty cool drifts in the truck but it's it's all pretty slight so let's see if you can good very good there's a nice little drift there yeah the truck is pretty powerful they can go up pretty tough terrain like this yeah it's a nice vehicle very reliable and of course it can be automated as well let's not hit the traction here okay so let's move on to the Explorer and a little