June 1st, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Recipes & Alternate Recipes

June 1st, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Recipes & Alternate Recipes




uh so this is just a small example like there are way more complex recipes later down the line um we're actually more screws that is where the fifteen angles are going the more screws yeah and there's also something jace mentioned earlier when we were next to the mam we're like you can research hard drives hard drives are like scattered throughout the planet from crash sites and when you research them you get alternative recipes so there are more than one way to build plates and one more than one way to build rods and ingots even for that matter and some of them are like you can get produce a lot more per minute but maybe they take you take a hit on power maybe you need to introduce water and actually we have an example that we're probably going to show you you want to load that up now yeah we're going to load that in because we're we're got like 27 minutes and there's two things we want to show you real quick so so we're pretty well um actually yeah i think we're spot on yeah we have to probably move a little quick but i think we're good yes um yeah but yeah there's the alternate recipes and so you can use those to uh in in a number of ways uh people in the chat right now already talking about screws for example you need to make more screws because the game if you don't use any ultimate recipes you need to use a lot of screws so you can find a way to make a lot of screws and how to to transport all those screws screws and belts or you can use some alternate recipes that eliminate the need to use screws at the trade-off of requiring maybe other more complicated materials maybe requiring more power maybe requiring water in the mix as well uh or some kind of fluid so uh yeah there's like a a lot of different ways no two no two factories are the same really and you can also probably see like the the different combination of recipes like when you find an alternative recipe like will that fit in this setup and people are just spending so much time trying to figure out like what the ultimate like way to building something is