December 8th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Janky, Weird, and Gross

December 8th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Janky, Weird, and Gross



um no way i would have played this no so guys see like but but the thing is this is like super normal like in all games and it's actually kind of a scary thing because in my experience with like pretty much every project i've worked on the game always feels janky weird and gross kind of like this yeah up until a specific point when it just like the switch flips and then you've got this suddenly you have this real game with you yeah and and it's actually it's actually like to be real i don't know about you but for me like i've always found that you know one two maybe like two years into a project your game is kind of looking like this it's actually really close to being a good game but it's like it just hasn't like jumped over that final hurdle it can get really like demoralizing oh yeah i was going to say like yeah because you feel like you're getting nowhere and there's no end in sight and it's like and i'm not really enjoying things so much right now it's actually really tough like mentally as a developer and you can't like you can't talk to anyone about it you can't you know it's just this broken ass thing that you work with yeah that's there's the sentiment that like game development is you're trying to solve very difficult problems in like a very like in a very uncertain way because you also like a lot of games i worked on as well you have that that you just mentioned but also the fact that a lot of games i worked on were like you have a deadline too so like the game needs to be fun by january 25th go and make fun now go and make it fun um and like it's so hard because like sometimes sometimes you can make a prototype that's a lot of fun in the prototype itself and then you start working on the system for it like make actually make it into the game and then it turns on fun again because it's broken yeah and then you forget like oh my god why am i doing this like it's it's just trash creative emotions yeah and then that's why we need to go see therapists yeah kinda and then at some point you you it may turn fun i've also worked in games where it never turned into fun uh and then we shipped it uh because we had to i'm so sorry to hear that you shipped it i've worked on games that did not turn into fun and i'm so glad they got cancelled yeah and so like same same thing i've worked on a lot of games that never saw the light of day that both were fun and also not fun for various like reasons um it's game development is a ride dude yeah um but it's very yeah like you mentioned it's very demoralizing especially like when you don't know how much much more work you need to put in to make it fun like it's it's such an abstract problem and when your head's like stuck in it for so long you thought like it's hard to sort of think outside the box to fix it it's really tough yeah but um yeah but then but then it's it's it's always like eventually you get this little spark or you you that there's one piece of the puzzle that you're missing which makes everything clear and then you find it and then you're good again yeah and then it feels amazing