May 4th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Cheatcrete

May 4th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Cheatcrete



the one thing that i have kind of announced for update five uh is is related to the cheat create if you don't know what the cheat grid is it's like a uh it's a it's a bug that's a feature right now um where some of the foundations don't have clipping or they don't have collision rather and uh one of the goals for the day 5 is that we want to address that issue in terms of the issue being that you feel like you need to use the cheat crate to be able to get around um and be able to create it be creative when you build certain things and one of the goals with the five is going to be address that so that you feel like you have you know enough tools so to speak to be able to be creative and do the kind of builds that you do and um don't touch my cheek crate um so you can still be able to do the same things you do with the cheat create uh but with with the with the actual you know vanilla intended way of playing the game so to speak uh we have uh been prototyping a little bit i i've seen some of the prototypes i am very excited um because one of the things that i personally feel like has been lacking for the game for a while is is you know going through the build modes and like how when you're building things you know there's there's there's like small tweaks that could make a big change and uh some of those things are being worked on and i'm super excited for that so can't wait to show more about that we're still prototyping it so we haven't like fully figured out exactly how it's gonna work yet um but it do be making progress so yeah