November 5th, 2019

November 5th, 2019 Update on Update 3

Q&A: What's in Update 3?



news and that is update number three
will contain some really big changes to
the game there will be some huge changes
to contents and new content features as
well as rebalancing and it's important
to note that with rebalancing comes the
potential of broken saves and we think
that that is gonna happen from what I
understand you should be able to still
load your saves but it may be that your
factory doesn't function as it used to
so essentially you're probably going to
be losing a lot of your work so the
things you can do there are you can go
through and fix the factory just just
fix everything up which may take a lot
of time for some of you or start a new
and starting a new may sound kind of
crappy but it also makes a little bit of
sense with all the new content coming
you may just want to start a new
honestly so just keep in mind that you
may lose progress on your save however
we do have another solution which may
help to and I'll talk about that just in
a second so before I get onto that just
want to also say that the update will
also have a lot of smaller things like
quality of life fixes bug fixes
new features big and small so you're