November 5th, 2019

November 5th, 2019 Update on Update 3

Q&A: What about smaller updates? Bug fixes etc.?



also been asking about will there be
some updates before the big update
number 3 so will there be some smaller
updates and the thing is there might be
we don't really know at the moment
there's one thing that I really want to
fix and a lot of the non-english
speakers out there I are having some
issues with language and so I'm trying
to fix the localization as well so if we
can put an update out I'm hoping that
that would be part of it another thing
that we would possibly put out as an
update is an engine so a Yui 4 engine
upgrade and also parallelization so and
what that just means is running
more course of your CPU so that the game
would just run much much better that is
currently in testing right now that's
not something we would hold out for
update three once it's done it's done