November 5th, 2019

November 5th, 2019 Update on Update 3

Jace Talk: Workaround for broken save games



mentioned before another like workaround
or a solution to the broken save games
thing and again this isn't completely
ideal but it is something the thing is
satisfactory is supposed to be DRM free
it's not exactly but it kind of is and
so what you can do is you can create a
copy of the current version of the game
or whatever version of the game and play
that offline separate to the current
version so you can potentially create a
copy of the version before update number
three and then that will continue to
work with your old saves if you make
sure you backup all saves so that is
something and in order to do that I'm
going to explain that to you now so take
it away me okay the first thing you need
to do is go to your install directory
alright and then you're gonna call wait
you're gonna make a copy of the game to
some folder that you want I'm just gonna
make a folder on the desktop and just
call that backup alright so then now I'm
just gonna grab the the whole all the
files and move the backup folder just a
little bit and then I'm gonna copy and
I'm gonna paste it in there so we're
gonna let this run
okay so now we just need to create a
shortcut so just right-click go create
shortcut of the exe file the factory
game one so then right click be shortcut
and go down to properties you'll see
that there's a target field right here
at the end just put - epic portal in
there and then click apply or okay
whatever and then you can just launch
the game from there thanks me now that's
not that great of a solution again it's
really convoluted but it is something we
are looking into a potential solution
which could be that we add the like pre
update 3 version of the game to the epic
launcher as well so you'll have another
satisfactory version in your library but
maybe that's not good either because
then it's gonna get all like messy
because you're getting all these
versions of satisfactory in there but
it's gonna be simpler than making copies
of your versions and things like that so
I don't know what do you guys want we
don't really know what we should do
there so I would love your opinions if
you could leave that down in the