January 18th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Do you have problems with someone leak secret things from the game?

January 18th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Do you have problems with someone leak secret things from the game?

00:00 The question
00:06 Most "leaks" aren't *leaks*
01:04 Keeping secrets and building hype
02:34 Imagine if Pipes were leaked
03:17 Q&A: Didn't Hannah literally show off a Pipe under the Desert once?
03:54 Community FYI: And then there's Tim
04:25 Q&A: But you threw Tim under the bus?
05:40 Q&A: What did Tim leak?
06:33 Q&A: Can we have Tim's story about it?
06:36 Community FYI: I miss Tim
07:03 Community FYI: Jace is the only one that's leaked stuff, and didn't it make it past two or three different departments who also didn't see the thing that got leaked?
08:13 Q&A: Priority Power Switch, when?


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okay so the so one question here was do you guys have problems with someone leaked secret things from the game so not the only thing that bothers us I guess is if people leak something that like, potentially might actually make it into the game because a lot of things that have been quote unquote leaked are things that like are just like random [ __ ] that we put in the game that aren't actually gonna make it into the game like jokes and stuff and, they're just or they're just things that we tried and just yeah stuff didn't remove it from the cooking of the game exactly so like sometimes we prototype things and we're like ah this wasn't good and then we just like we like we don't remove the code and like the assets and stuff like that but we discluded excluded from the build that we make and sometimes we mess up and it like accidentally slips in or something like that but for the most part like the only thing that that I think is slightly annoying is when people spoil things I guess so like if there is something coming, so the but yeah that's I guess that's our stance or whatever on that kind of stuff yeah because the thing is like keeping some secrets and building hype and stuff like that is is actually super important yeah like in order to like build anticipation within community and to get new people on board and things like that as well like so when if that stuff gets kind of foiled then it's kind of a bit of a bummer because we didn't we don't get to like create as as intense or epic moments yeah exactly as we could have you know yeah because, because it really it really means and then that can affect us like com like business-wise like if I don't know if we don't have as big of an impact on certain moments then we don't have those beats where like we get people who yeah exactly, yeah that that's true that like it does affect you know how we yeah the best vastness aspect of the game of game development like it's always it always bothers me when people leak like you know nintendo directs or something like that because you know the developers work like especially on bigger games where like they've worked on it for c in secret for so long like imagine working for eight years on something in secret and like somebody kind of ruins your big reveal that you want to do in your terms like you you wanted to have a cool trailer to blow everyone's mind and get everyone like emotionally invested but like they just like this is coming yeah that's it someone some shitty screenshot somewhere and it doesn't it doesn't do your work justice right yeah exactly and there's not really been you know that hasn't really happened for us, no not really and you know we're kind of open you know what we're doing but you know imagine if if pipes was revealed like prematurely in like, you know that's the other thing like we don't have control over how how that is revealed so like if it's just like a reddit pose with like here's a picture of a pipe and it's confirmed like that would have been not as cool as like you know having this moment with us in the community together sitting down watching you know the reveal trailer and like getting stoked for you know us doing it like that kind of stuff kind of you know ruins the the surprise so yeah I guess someone gets to farm karma on reddit though yeah that's worth it yeah that's that's that's everything that matters so you can use that for your cool profile read it didn't hannah literally show off a pipe under the desert once no it wasn't a pipe it was it was a rod it was like a or it was like a it wasn't a pipe like it wasn't a buildable pipe it was some other object that she scaled up I think it was a like mario like world-esque pipe wasn't it or something like that like- I can't remember- I think I remember being some other item I don't remember it was I don't remember I it wasn't it wasn't the real the actual pipes no and it was a joke like it was it was obvious that it was a joke right yeah like we decided that before and then she put it there yeah and then she accident accidentally leaked it was like planned yeah yeah and then there's tim yes exactly and then there's tim who just just [ __ ] leaks [ __ ] that leaves the company but that's funny like that's awesome that voluntarily leaves the company but even those like leaks or whatever like we've done a few slip ups for like it's but but usually when that happens it's something that we plan to reveal soon anyways yeah and and we kind of make it a moment by itself too so like it doesn't actually bother us either, so yeah yeah but you threw tim under the bus like okay wait you know what- I gotta wait I gotta make something clear here so like you I don't think a lot of people, like realize this or understand this and it makes sense that you wouldn't because you've never seen the way that tim and us interact or anything like that but like we're really good friends with him and like we joke around all the time and so like even though he went and said that like we made a big deal out of it but it wasn't that big of a deal no and tim knows it wasn't that big of a deal like we made a big deal like I still hang out with tim here and there today and like it's it was all it was all a bit of a joke yeah we made a big deal out of it just because it was funny to do that yeah yeah yeah yeah it was it was probably the the funniest thing or like the best thing to do honestly in that situation yeah then we could at least make it kind of funny you know, but it was it was like not it was not a big deal like tim tim is, when tim was here he was like the hidden community member he did a lot of other things as well but like we worked super close with him and he was involved in like a lot of the planning of how we do community stuff what we reveal and when so like it's he wasn't supposed to leak that information but like it wasn't a big deal that he did at all like we we really didn't mind what did he leak he leaked, that you could, sink nuclear stuff nuclear stuff yeah, even even then actually we hadn't decided that that was gonna or was maybe that was to said at that point because I feel like there was a time where I wasn't sure if that was intentional that you guys wasn't sure, and and I asked mark like is this intentional and he was like yeah it kind of it sounds like a marketing thing to say yeah yeah so I'm pretty sure like I'm trying to remember like even leading up to that stream when we were talking with tim about you know how we reveal stuff I'm pretty sure that was on like a topic to be like should we reveal this beforehand or yeah and even then when we throwing on the bus it wasn't like you know 100 confirmed in and I think in the way that we deliver it like you never know yeah that was funny yeah can we have tim's story about it you can go ask him I missed him I missed him too I really liked working with him yeah he's a real bummer when I heard that he was leaving yeah yeah it was like actually yeah it was it was super nice working with him but that's that's how the cookie crumbles in in any job, it's never it's never the same people all the time exactly, let's see here, jace is the only one that's leaked stuff and didn't make it past two or three different departments wait what I was then jace is the only one that's leak stuffed which isn't true and didn't it make it past like two or three different departments that we'll see oh right I know what you're talking about no I'm not the only one who leaks stuff but I have lead stuff as well yeah yeah yeah yeah that's that's true it was in one of the videos I was supposed to like, when I was canceling out of menus one of the, build menus or something like that popped up and leaked some [ __ ], oh yeah and that wasn't that wasn't supposed to be leaked yeah yeah and then like you know I showed other people that video too and no one else spotted it it goes through like five people and nobody spots it yeah so that happens it's normal you know it's it's it's going to happen and you just deal with it when it does it's not it's not the biggest deal like it'd be a big deal if like pipes leaked or something yeah yeah or if the dedicated service leaked like that would have been that would have been a bit of a bummer as well, but if it did we would also try and make something out of it yeah we just have to work with what we got yeah exactly


priority power switch when I don't know why you're talking about the gallery