March 9th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Why was the change done to Power?

March 9th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Why was the change done to Power?

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but let me jump off with the q next session answering this question why was the power change what was the change down to power um and there are a few reasons for it and it it's it's a bit a little bit annoying because we haven't uh been able to fully explain it because there are some things that we've been kind of wanted to save for update for before we reveal everything um and some of those things are tied into as to why we did the change with power generators that they're no longer self-regulating um and you know i guess it comes down a little bit to preference as well but i think it's a pretty dope change now that i've tried it out a bit um one aspect is that you get a much better understanding of how power works when you're hooking it up and like how water with with it relates because uh when i was hooking up the i was making a shot for the coal generators and it really makes you like figure out how you're supposed to set it up uh a lot of issues we've had where people are like trying to figure out how water works because water you really learn you know pipes and water when you get to that point of the game um and when you're not like getting the instant feedback of like have i actually figured out the water like management and stuff like that you don't get that until you blow a fuse and that can happen way later and you have to go back to your power factory so i think that's a pretty nice change but there are other reasons as to why that is which we will pretty much unveil next week why those big issues are and then then you can be like i think i still think it was a stupid change or something or whatever um cool yeah power before it e4 was really unintuitive uh yeah to some degree it's still a little bit of unintuitive um but there are more aspects to it in update four as to why it is why it'd be like it do so yeah