June 1st, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Any thoughts of respawning flora?

June 1st, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Any thoughts of respawning flora?


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yeah so uh any thoughts of respawning flora always um scared to ruin hannah's work in an area and move hannah being the level designer uh moved to a barren spot uh so we i i don't think that trees and things like that are gonna be responding even if it is after like a long time something like minecraft bone mill that sounds pretty fun i'm not sure if that will happen i mean at least automatically because we i think uh we a lot of people when they build their factories they need to get things out of the way so they can build a factory and factory usually stay there right um so if trees started uh respawning i think it would probably frustrate some folks but that i mean that's still a fair suggestion and we have a good place to leave suggestions uh or questions or bug reports actually so uh if you go to questions.satisfactorygame.com uh that's where folks who leave their bug reports suggestions um feedback anything like that so don't uh hesitate to do that but i don't think that we're gonna have respawning flora no i think so not at least planned right now i mean everything can always change that's the thing with with our development yeah we kind of like zigzag a lot when it comes to development like for instance uh one thing that we're gonna oh that is done one thing that we're gonna see later down the line is we're gonna need to utilize pipes to be able to transport water and that was something that wasn't like technically originally planned it was like in our backlog but it wasn't on a road map per se and then it became like a meme in our community and it was just like we have to do it