June 1st, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Pipe build modes

June 1st, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Pipe build modes




so now i'm gonna like connect the the pipes and there are a few ways you can do this you can either like have them just like go straight like that uh but there's also alternative modes to the pipes you can also if you press r you can have them like be more straight like that that wasn't straight at all you know oh well all right we're rolling with it we gotta roll with it um which makes it a little cleaner wait oh that's because i wait huh no oh i know what the problem is i see what the problem is all right we'll just do it like that fine it's just not going to work don't worry about it drug building yeah yeah this is not as evenly distributed as i wanted but it's probably going to work fine don't worry about it it's fine and that kind of stuff doesn't impact your your factory actually like in any way no it's just like it just looks better i'm all about like straight pasta for lunch yup screaming internals sorry sorry andrew oh let's make it even more unbeaten here oh actually yeah perfect first try see this is kind of why i don't like doing the thing where i offset them because the pi like the convey belts are straight but the piping it gets all messed up um oh no your piping is all over the place nobody's gonna judge me oh god it feels bad no no no no no no it feels bad chat chat we can keep this between ourselves okay we don't have to get any adults involved okay um so now everything is like kind of hooked up if you don't i won't tell mom oh there was one i missed oh no that's what i oh no oh no always forward never back snit wise words were never as spoken as the ones that were just so i'm gonna slightly i don't think that's where it goes either we're fine oh god perfect oh no i'm not even in line i've committed to this now like this [ __ ] hands up keyboard chat no no judgement look everyone you build your factories the way you like uh you know hands off keyboard hands off keyboard that's fine


we're good chat okay this is no worries okay he's doing a great job right he's doing his best he's doing a great job you know everyone's been there sometimes your factory isn't perfect we've all been there it's fine this is this is you can fix it later right or build how you want to build like this is just a temporary setup anyways we're going to come back and fix this later yeah yeah just like your guideline that you build just like your guidelines exactly later we're fixing late we'll we'll do it live why did i oh right i put that there personally um let's see i'm just gonna hook these bad boys up your game your rules exactly