January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Upcoming Things

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Upcoming Things




um so yeah um upcoming things this week we're going to have another teaser on thursday or friday um and it's going to be of a different feature yeah we can't say what it is yet yeah i mean you'll notice when it comes out or will you just like like before yeah it's gonna be real it's gonna be micro transactions yeah like actual microphones that's too cruel not even i would do that yeah well i wouldn't don't don't look at me no i would okay um so what else yeah i'm on that's gonna happen um and you talked about this in the video as well about um the release date or whatever or like rather why we we can't say right now uh when the release date is and i think you said yeah i said it's because of this week yeah yeah so like this week's gonna play a big role however uh previously we said end of january beginning of february we can confirm not end of january um shooting for beginning of february uh however as snoop was saying before that depending on how this goes if things go poorly we may have to add one or two weeks or something like that on there but but that's the time frame we're looking at it's not it's not like gonna be delayed a month and if it's delayed a month oh it's gonna feel so bad because i just said this but i'm 99.9 sure it'll only be a couple weeks uh yes so yeah actually i didn't say that no last time i was supposed to say this in yesterday's video and i forgot but update three will launch on experimental it will not go to early access and the reason is obvious we need people to test it and to help stabilize it before it goes to early access so uh update three will launch there first um and you know we don't want to launch it on experimental early because we want everyone to have um access to experimental and if we put it there and then everyone's going to know what's in it and there won't be hype for early access when it goes across or whatever so yeah this is probably how we're going to be doing all of our updates they go to experimental first and then over to early access it's going to be very similar to how we did the last update because it was the same thing there we launched it on experimental first just to make sure that the game is stable for everyone because like even when we test ourselves like if we don't find a single bug which you know we do but say that we don't like that doesn't necessarily say that there aren't bugs in the game because we have like somewhat like limited resources in terms of testing we also have limited resources in terms of like proper play time here because like there's only so many hours in the day we're so busy doing this um and we're balancing that we're like actually implementing stuff so there's always that that big unknown uh also we're never gonna be out of bug test as well as you guys do yeah i know it's true that's the other thing like we don't lean on that by any means but but like it is it is true like we could think it's 100 stable but we would also know that you're going to find looks yeah but like as soon as we feel like it's stable we're going to push it to early access