December 1st, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: FICS⁕MAS

December 1st, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: FICS⁕MAS



there we go i hit the extra mute button just to make sure that they couldn't hear let's talk smack uh so yeah this is the christmas event that we've been working on for a while um and it's it's it's i don't think uh people realize this maybe from this trailer but it's actually a quite significantly big update um for the game uh and it was it's kind of like the way this started for us was we wanted to do this last year but we didn't have time for it because we're working on the steam release and then this year we started early and be like okay anyone who wants to do anything from the christmas stuff you're free to do it and holy people went full on christmas um so yeah and the christmas event is live any second it should be available any second um and it is uh some we're not gonna talk too much too much about it uh because we we want you to explore it and try it out um there's gonna be patch notes a little like for all the stuff that's related to it but a few things that we want to say before is that this update will be both on experimental and early access so everyone will get it and we're also going to move over uh some of the fixes we did for experimental over to early access so you are the people on early access we get the conveyor belt fixes and whatnot that we fixed and the translation updates uh that we've had on experimental and the event is is gonna go on until january 18th i believe so from from today to january 18th um and there's this a lot to things to explore and one last thing to point out is that this is optional so you can turn off the christmas event if you don't want to play with it um so and the way you do that is to go to the main menu and then the gameplay options there's like a tick box that you can turn choose to take it off and we're going to put that video on youtube and we're going to push all the can i just link to youtube now is that stuff fine if i do that yes do it man oh i think it's public no it's not okay but i'm oh i've just linked it anyway yeah i'm going to turn it that's the video you guys yeah so you can have fun with that now there's more about this that are we intentionally not talking about right now um we are intentionally not like saying specifically what's in it but i i don't know if we can even because we don't know everything that's in it right let me say wait a second yeah so like or maybe jase knows more than i do i'll send your message on teams okay let's see the super secret message uh is that right is that right yeah i guess we could yeah we should probably say that that is that is right yeah that's well i think it is um well you say it i don't say that okay so so the way you find the new content is that uh there's a new mamm tree unlocked in in the mam or like there's a fixmas tree to be unlocked in the mam and there's a fixmas calendar next to the hub terminal that you need to to use to progress and that will progress throughout the days yeah coming up so there are yeah yeah things will happen if you do that so consider checking it out um and i think yeah there's a few you can check out the patch notes i'm to publish them any second but you can check out the patch notes if you want to read more about it um and for the people that want to explore it themselves they can do that yeah and so i think i think you guys will enjoy that and let us and uzo has promised me there's not a single bug in this update yeah he legit said there's not a single bug so but if there are any bugs uh make sure to go to our question site or the keyway site uh and report it and we will fix it up and uh yeah but there won't be any so no bugs yeah it was even confirming here no bugs not a single bug yep so yeah if there are bugs blame tim yeah yeah uh so enjoy that you guys i hope you enjoy it yeah thanks for coming to our stream because i think we're going to wrap it up here because i need to do some yeah same um huh yeah oh yeah that's true that's true i'll do it you talk to the people yes so it should be available on steam and epic right now if it's not then someone is fired um sometimes it like you need to refresh your clients for it to pop up or like to get the download to happen um i haven't confirmed it myself yet but i'm sure it's fine what's up with the hey for tim here what's going on people hating on him yeah i don't know what's going on i stopped reading chat years ago epic is up cool so epic version is up steam should also be available any second updating us team cool so the game so it is available yes yes 100 yes yeah yeah 100 um boom so we're going to enjoy your update both the versions are now up to date with each other you got some christmas it's gonna be fun you got to meet tim i hope you enjoyed that um so we're going to raid lollipop key i don't know how to pronounce that properly but that's just how it's going to be so uh enjoy their content and make sure to be kind and bring them the true fixmas spirit exactly yeah