September 1st, 2020 Livestream Snutt Talk: What will be in the next Update ?

September 1st, 2020 Livestream

Snutt Talk: What will be in the next Update ?



the i don't know but my what i think was said was that we're gonna say we're essentially gonna have update four be rolled out um later and then have like a few updates to it before it happens so i'm like quality of life stuff not like maybe not new content per se uh but like maybe upgrades um to things we already have in the game or quality of life stuff i don't know um and then at either at the end of the year or next year we'll have a big content update and and we'll release that like we did with upstate three but leading up to that we're not gonna like try and and well we'll see because we're still kind of deciding on that we're trying to be more open what's happening development-wise uh what you might expect from update four um but here's the catch it's still too early to say exactly um what update four will be uh most because the reason i just i just essentially said because we're still deciding exactly what it's gonna be we have an idea but i'm not gonna say what it is because we're we're kind of like in in a we're in a weird development zone right now but where we have a lot of like systems that we need to update um so that we can develop the things for update 4 and update 5 even things like we're upgrading the save system that we have right now in the game not specifically to combat like the save times which that's like the step one to combat save times that's that's in the future um but it's it's like to get better streaming i think um so that you don't get as many hitches when you're running around we're doing updates to multiplayer we're doing an engine upgrade right now we're on unreal engine 4.22 we're right now upgrading it to 4.23 that's gonna take a while because we have done quite a few alterations to epic's unreal engine so that we can run satisfactory on it we have some special needs for it um and right now we're kind of like going through that like merch process and like for instance we we in our save system we kind of needed so that you could save on structs if you're a programmer maybe you know what i'm talking about uh which didn't exist in unreal engine 422 uh so we implemented that ourselves epic has now made that feature so now we have to like roll back so that that works uh so it's just like a bunch of of uh stuff that we're do working on uh to upgrade the engine and the goal is to upgrade to 425 which is the latest version right now um and uh yeah we'll see how far we get but essentially it's just a lot of work to to um to set up this stage so to speak for update four once we have that all set up and once we have that work done then we're at a better better position to say like whether or not like how ambitious update 4 or update 5 will be um so so yes the uh i think that's that's the summary of what's happening right now um and there are still believe it or not there are actually still a few people on the programming team even that are still having a vacation or i think they have like a it's even they have a prolonged vacation um or they have like a their vacation maybe didn't start later or something but yeah