December 19th, 2019 Video Q&A: What does a Technical Artist do?

December 19th, 2019 Video

Q&A: What does a Technical Artist do?

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what does a technical artist do a technical artist well optimization like uh looking so everything works it's a pretty broad role as well like fixing materials making materials and we have um yeah fixing stuff may like aid artists maybe if they need something just yeah so sometimes you have to take like the other artists stuff and then like try to make more optimize yes everything yeah so yeah and like make loads for stuff maybe or you could it could be so much different things as well you did a lot of lotting yeah yeah when i started like we had i went through like 800 objects and like that eight or 900 objects you bro no i'm a game dev okay and then yeah like 900 objects or something i just went through them and made loads for them yeah that's crazy i appreciate some of them i made some lots but yeah i think the game is better yeah yeah yeah it does yeah for those who don't know a lot is level of detail it's like when you're moving away from an object we reduce the poly count on them like we load in a lower poly count object or model so that you know you don't really need a lot of polys when you're far away from it yeah um and simon did a lot of them manually like we've done some we generated some of them yeah but some yeah you've probably seen them before in games sometimes when you as you walk closer to something it'll just like pop in there are ways to get around the pop but if you've seen that before that's just a different lord that's probably me probably yeah and there's like so much stuff to do i really like enjoy helping with modeling and stuff like that as well sculpting and stuff oh well now i want to be a technical artist says chris mclamb do it follow your heart you can do it