May 18th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can you thank Hannah for making a beautiful World?

May 18th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can you thank Hannah for making a beautiful World?

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can you thank hannah for making a beautiful world no need for machines or gameplay it's just good when you arrive just walk around enjoy it i will not do that for you thank her no don't ah don't don't do it all right okay don't don't you can go back she's got a big enough head as it is all right don't do it all right i won't no big love to have her big love to hannah she's done a great job not just her but uh wait who else does level stuff these days ross as well yeah i think is there someone else as well i think there's a little bit mark maybe but he's mostly for design like game design related things yeah i don't know i've been away for a while and i they're like people who join the coming i have i don't really know them very well i don't know i don't know what they do so i haven't really kept up to date with with who's in the company i mean kind of me too because like i've i've gotten like linkedin uh requests from people i'm like who the is this and i'm like yeah work at coffee stain i'm like wait yeah when now yeah i've had that as well i'm just my head's in the ground i don't know what's going on here i need to pay a little more attention but but it's hard when we're not like physically in the same location yeah right and when you don't work with their team right yeah exp like we're like i think that was the one of the biggest like things that i didn't realize until i started working conference thing was just how like some of our teams are very like secluded and not secluded as like they're they're hidden but but you don't always work with as a programmer you always always work with like the ua artists they usually work on their own stuff and they work with depending on what they work on they work with different people and it kind of varies depending what you're working on uh so sometimes like you just won't see a person because we sit in a different part of the building and then suddenly they just show up and you're like oh you work here right i remember you and like oh you did this thing oh that's awesome um yeah sometimes we have sessions that show off like the work that everyone's been doing and it's actually good because like i had no idea yeah yeah and that's not even that that happened even when i was programming yeah you know so it's not even just like because i'm a community manager now yeah no that's that's always been the case for me like there's always been like whoa this i didn't know this thing existed or like somebody did this um that's just how it is working on on like bigger games


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