February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

Q&A: Controller support?




yeah controls we and do we end on
control support I guess we do control
support we have it right now I think I
haven't tested anyway like yeah it's
country I think we're gonna have it and
we have had it all this time the tricky
thing with keeping up to date with our
control support is we keep adding
taking things out and remapping things
over and over and then it's like it's
like we don't know if this is gonna work
the way we want we don't know if we want
this menu or this button or this
function or whatever and then then
basically the control the support just
falls apart because no one's kept up to
date with it
but I think when we get to specific
milestones then the controller will be
considered again and then tightened up
and then because it's also the aspect of
like when we add new features we don't
want an SS able to be like because when
you're when you're live with the game
you have to take all things into
consideration every time so like how
does it work with control like control
support so if we had a new feature we
have to test it with like oh how does it
with keyboard how does it work with
control sport how does work with all
these different types of controls you
know stuff like that
and right now we'd rather test features
and like try them implement them and see
what happens rather than try to kind of
be tied back by those types of theƶ
but there is some control support right
now yeah but I'm not sure with the state
of it supports it whether or not the
buttons are mapped to the Google things
I don't think I know that out UI the
entire time had kept control of your
mind yeah I don't know where that is now