February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

Q&A: Will there be any cosmetics available?




player colours uniforms well there is
the ability to paint buildings and
vehicles different colors can be useful
for color coding sections of you factory
whatever well just for aesthetic reasons
someone did ask before
if there's gonna be any sort of just
purely aesthetic things that you can
build like Windows whatever and there
are some yeah I think there's gonna be
more in the future I think what we're
yeah we're planning yeah III would
really want it as well because I think
would add a lot of value I think a lot
of people would really love like putting
a couch down yeah down a table like
they'd make it look pretty that I think
people would love that I mean yeah we're
all for personalizing the you know