February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

Q&A: Where does the sense of humour/memes come from?




humor / memes come from so natural we're
pretty tired like yeah super boring at
work yes you saw the THQ yeah really are
the rest of it is alive yeah no but the
the honest there's the truth is Carson's
been like this since the very beginning
I wasn't there from the very beginning
but it's always been like that
even if you look at so sanctum and
sanctum 2 are more serious games but
even in there there's like a lot of like
weird Easter eggs like these Fresno
horses floating around in this dark room
it's like what the hell is that about
has nothing to do with anything yeah but
that goes in there right and then goat
simulator happened of course it's just
how we've been all the time and even if
you think about goat simulator that was
a game that had like a lot of commentary
on the game industry and and like twitch
bait and things like that
as well as even Kickstarter you know it
we sort of just turned everything into
memes and so that's just kind of
happening now as satisfactory or that's
what I'm doing it's gonna happen whether
you like it or not yeah
it's pretty relaxed here well yeah we
joke around a bunch me and Simon have
the thing where we do this yeah are you
watching Simon are you watching got him
do that it was like I was gonna include