February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

Q&A: What's the biggest bug you guys have seen so far?




you guys have seen so far I got a good
one you do yeah go ahead
okay oh this is a good one I like I'm
thinking to turn him into a video it's
an idea that we've had but people have
been a little hesitant to show like you
heard it here first folks but this is
gonna be a girlfriend
it was I hope I don't go on too long
about this but it was with the vehicles
and I had a test level with a ramp and
if you drove up the ramp to a certain
point and hit the brakes then the and
and on the map that was a we tested
these teleporters and I have no idea it
was gonna happen alright I actually
genuinely don't but we had these like
test teleporters and there was one on
the other side of the mountain and if
you drove this vehicle up on this rent
to a certain point and hit and then
stopped it disappeared and drove out of
the teleporter we're like what the hell
is going on right and if you go in the
vehicle and you stop it so like before
if you stopped at me hop down
with root cellar if you're in it you
died and the game crashed and then we
had no idea what was going on and we
found out that it was triggering a plant
later as well that was crashing and we
had no idea what was going on and then
we realized that I had added camber
support which is to make the wheels do
this and in one case there was a the
possibility to divide by zero and so
then that would happen put infinite
forces on the vehicle the vehicle became
infinitely as big and then it crashed
right but if it went infinitely is big
and it hit the teleporter then it
overlapped the teleporter and drove out
of it beautiful yeah that's a good one
beautiful I love [ __ ] like that where
it's like you have to smooth out what
the hell is happening yeah it was