February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

Q&A: Can you do a mass-key release of 50000 if Lord Simon allows it?




lease of 50,000 if Lord Simon allows it
no but this is a good quest like things
to lead into a lot of people saying why
don't you send out more alpha keys why
don't you just send it to everyone
more people means more feedback and that
will help and that's not all exactly
true if we get too many people in we
will get more feedback but there is such
a thing as too much feedback and if we
get too much feedback then we will not
be able to wade through the noise and
try to find what's important and fix
things so that's kind of why we limit
the number to something that is always
manageable for us and we don't bite off
more than we can chew the other reason
is and this is a probably a bit too
straightforward but ultimately the elf
the Alpha keys and the Alpha is actually
not for you it's for us to develop the
game so I know like a lot of people say
I've just been looking forward to the
game just give it to me right it's like
but we're like hang on we need to get
the right people that we want the right
amount and at the right time so sorry if
that doesn't give everyone what they
want but we're doing what's best for us
so that the game gets as good as it
possibly can be and there's also the
aspect of first time plate like your
first time experience you only get one
of those so whenever we test stuff and
we start adding news
like that will change the first time
user experience so if we gave the keys
to everybody they would all experience
the game at that point at the same time
and then we wouldn't have the
opportunity to address any of the issues
that the first time experience that yes
yeah so that's also one big thing why