February 6th, 2019

February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

Q&A: How do you divide work on the various programmers on the team?




Jace how do you divide work amongst the
various programmers on the team we have
I was gonna say why are you looking at
me and I'm like wait I'm I'm kind of a
special case which is just not doing me
any saying that is not doing me any
so we have our producers or producer
which kind of have a good sense of
what's going on overall in the game so
they collect feedback from like how are
the artists working or what are they
artists working on right now with the
program is working on right now I like
all the different game development
whatever so they tend to like gather
information and talk to our talk to our
leads in the various fields so like to
talk to our graphics lead and our
program lead discuss like what do we
need right now what can we do right now
what's important for our developers
right now so that all trickles down to
the programmers where we have daily
stand-ups and planning meetings where we
discuss like if you want to implement
this how hard can be and what are you
weren't like and then we get to work and
then we talk about what are we working
on right now so we have daily stand-ups
where we discussed that and then yeah I
mentioned the leads have their own
meetings in in my case because I do a
lot of community management stuff I can
be out of touch with the programming
that has gone on in the project at large
so I tend to take on things that are
independent from what other people do so
I I have been doing the vehicle since
the beginning which is has been a lot of
work but but these days like when I was
redoing the drifting there's no
dependency on any other programmer for
me to rework drifting for example so
I've been doing a bunch of things like
that and there's like we all we're not a
lot of people in studio know like it's
not a super big studio when you're five
or so bit more now we're gonna be about
30 so like no programmer is really like
you're only doing that code stuff or
you're only doing AI stuff so we're all
kind of like split we take we tried to
like generalize as much as possible so
that everybody can jump in and do stuff
to it but obviously like some people
have done like specialize and stuff for
the game like you've done vehicles yeah