March 16th, 2021

March 16th, 2021 Update 4: Patch Notes Treasure Hunt!

Tier 7 is getting a makeover



Now Tier 7 is getting a little bit of a makeover, you see
Along with some new things
Based on feedback, our vision for Tier 8 has changed
And because of that we need to
rebalance Tier 7 a smidge
To justify that change as we found that
Tier 7 to be a bit too complex
Now I know everyone loves complexity
But the goal for Tier 7 was to introduce new
and interesting recipes
While the goal with Tier 8 is to take that knowledge
And challenge you with more complex ones
Some of the changes include:
Battery production being reworked
Bauxite refinement
And aluminium production has been rebalanced
to reduce complexity and scale
And the amount of refineries!
That's right Jace!
We've also moved Turbo Motors and
Supercomputers to Tier 8
And we've slightly changed recipes for parts such as:
the radio control unit, alclad sheets, batteries, and
iodine infused filters