January 12th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev - Unreal Engine Update

January 12th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev - Unreal Engine Update


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so yeah so the mug is coming anyway let's get back to the uh the plans yeah what are we talking about that was a pretty good one i forgot to add that actually so yeah so next week we have a potential um if you remember last year we were talking about having um we are updating updating the engine version of the game um where you for those who don't know we're using unreal engine to make the game and uh the game is that's out right now is using the engine version 4.22 and the latest version right now is 426 uh but we've updated the game to 425 it's a huge process uh because we've made a lot of alterations to the engine to be able to make this game and every time we update the game like you update the engine version uh to the game which uh the reason why we're doing that is because we get a bunch of like optimization features from the engine we get some tools that we can use to like keep working on the game stuff like that so it's very beneficial for everyone to do it um but every time we do it it kind of like always causes like a lot of issues like a lot of weird bugs that previously worked because of like um like if if unreal and if epic like change the way rendering works for like certain material types then we have to update to accommodate for that if you watch the stream with dylan one of our programmers like a few months ago i think it was in november uh he streamed working on upgrading the game uh he was just making like the the conveyor belts render again like they stopped rendering in the newsletter so this is just a bunch of work uh and we're planning to put that out on experimental next week uh we wanted to put it out last year but unfortunately it got a bit delayed because there was just a lot of weird happening when we were upgrading the engine and we didn't get it to like a good state of release until like last week and then from our point of view like it didn't make sense to put it out on experimental if it's going to be really really buggy and we don't know and we can't fix it so we opted to just not release it uh last year over the the holiday period yeah because if it breaks we can't do anything but something i need to be super clear on is the the it releasing next week is um it's still a big maybe they're still we're still testing some stuff here so uh you know like we're we're saying that just to keep you up to date but i uh we we're if we need to push it back even more then we're gonna do that we need to make sure that we don't pressure the team too much to to force something out before it's ready uh and this is a big thing so uh i shared just before the link here engine upgrade information video that i made last year and that's about this upgrade that's going to come either next week or so after that pretty and one also one big thing to point out is that if you this patch will be very experimental like it's gonna be way more experimental than previously potentially it's gonna be way like a few things will get way better potentially um but potentially there's going to be a lot of issues too so if you're one of those people that you know really don't want to play on like you know a broken version of the game um just to see like what new features exist uh make sure to like back up your saves first of all because the saves are not cloud synced on the experimental version i believe um or if they are then they will mismatch between the early access version so if you switch back and forth oh this is unepic if you switch back and forth you might get some some weird uh save file mismatch thing that can be confusing so make sure the back of your saves no matter what um and know that the experimental version that's gonna come out on experimental is gonna be actually experimental so um yeah just just putting that out there so people put it out there no and um i think that's everything i had to say about that at least and do you have anything else to add jace uh someone was saying that we're i'm we're only saying this because you know to shut people up because they're they keep saying you know where's the engine upgrade but the thing is no one's asking for that we're telling you we're telling you because we have new information we want to keep you in the loop yes uh but the engine upgrade will potentially be pretty awesome because it will potentially fix some of the lag issues that people are having with players specifically the one where uh players and maybe vehicles also when they like lag around and like don't update properly there's been some improvement there um potential improvement at least and some like network optimization as well in general specifically on that branch and there's gonna be more improvements coming too that i don't know if it's gonna make it into the coming engine upgrade but there's like more stuff coming too we've worked on like an optimization pass on network in general too um so like some potential good stuff happening like this 2021 might be a good year after all you know it can't possibly get worse hey i sure can actually i say that because oh yeah indeed um um let's see when's unrelenting five and run on religion five please you know it's a weird thing uh it's it's kind of a weird thing to ask for uh to have under dungeon five because you know we can upgrade it's unreal engine five when it actually makes sense uh for us to do so but it's not like if we upgrade it things are gonna be better we need we need to look and see like what we're going to what's going to be better what's going to break what's not going to break how much time is it going to take uh simply wanting 105 is is i think a bit silly it's not it's not something that's going to automatically give free wins to anything something we have to carefully uh take into account so um so i don't know when unreal engine 5 is going to be uh it will be when it makes sense when our program is deemed to to make sense make it worth the time yeah another kind of related thing is a lot of people ask me about um like ray tracing and dlss and stuff like that for satisfactory and that's also something that like we're not super interested and added that um it's it's cool and and all and like potentially we could do it but currently we can't because where you the game is is made for directx 11 currently and uh you need to go up to directx 12 to even to be able to support that at all and that's something that we kind of have done a little bit work on um but it's not like we're not it's possible it's like it's like a side thing we've been working on it's not like something that we've fully committed on so it's gonna be optional actually in in the engine upgrade version that's coming up that you can actually switch it to unreal to directx 12. but that's going to be experimental even more experimental than the actual like super experiment super hyper duper experiment


another reason not to super go too hard into like again people want ray tracing uh we we sort of do have to always think about like well what how much time would that take to put into the game and how will the game progress in terms of its development um being an early x's game it's not always just about making the game cool we have to sort of move towards a finished game and i don't think it actually does move us towards the finished game like i yeah that's just kind of what i think at least it's not something that we need to focus too much on about right now like they're like like what about new new content that needs to come in what about the story you know what about um finalized balancing you know what about um other big features that we want to get into the game do we want to add more what about dedicated servers what about uh do we want to add more vehicles or more changes to vehicles all these things are things that we could sync our time into or we could make some people's game maybe look better and even fewer still that that won't be losing frames for it yeah uh it's it's seriously like not a good uh rushing it's not a good uh way to spend our time at all yeah so maybe like in the future when we feel like you know when we reach 1.0 and we want to add like you know yeah on top of like make the cake look better you know maybe then we'll do something about that um but right now it's not really a priority for us yeah yeah