June 8th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can we get a way to skip certain stages for new playthroughs?

June 8th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can we get a way to skip certain stages for new playthroughs?

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can we get a way to skip certain stages i want to make a new factory but i don't want to work back up to coal uh you know in the future we might be adding um alternative game modes which can maybe speed that up or something like that but apart from that you got to put in the leg work and the thing is you're quicker the next time around you know whenever you want to do that again you'll you'll get through it pretty quickly i find alternative games yeah we've talked about that like like uh peaceful mode like you know or uh creative mode or maybe a hardcore mode i'm not sure what the the game modes could be but yeah that kind of stuff sandbox mode yeah uh no no manual crafting mode i've seen too it's pretty cool which isn't possible right now in the game due to uh something there's something i i have i have brought that up by the way i i think it's i think it only affects one person because i've only seen uh one person do it i had brought this up and i think they said we it's possible or like it obviously is possible but i think we've done it for the next update uh interesting yeah so that that that is going to be possible to do because you can you can fun fact you guys like you can you can run around the like crash sites and pick up items uh so you never need to manually craft in the game uh but there's like a few exceptions there's like two items i think that you cannot get in any of the crash sites i mean and i'm pretty sure was there a reddit post on this or something yeah i read this somewhere yeah there's already post on the quote-unquote rules of like that no manual crafting which is like you're not allowed to man you craft exactly uh you have to automate everything in the game um and you can find all the items and crash sites but there's like one or two items that you can't find in the crash sites and i believe we're going to add that for the next update if i remember correctly because i think i have brought this up with people and they're like yeah this is this is not a big deal i've done uh i've done an only manual yeah way back when and i got up to the space elevator i did a stream of it i remember if i streamed it here on coffee center you i think you streamed it i think i did here no i'm not sure now how long does that take do you remember a little while a few hours yeah that's that's a little while yeah so many people were just like just build stuff i'm like no no i like the software i'm not even going to build the constructor i should have just built it and hooked it up to power and everything and then not use it yeah then not use it yeah nice