September 7th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: New Walkways

September 7th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: New Walkways

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and uh what else we showcase walkways yeah here's some of the roof ceiling stuff um i'm super stoked about the the glass ceilings they look really nice you know they do look really good uh we got the new walkways this is this is probably the thing i'm like most hyped about because the walkways look so much better now than they used to and i really like using the walkways because they're very like um they're a great like way to add ways for you to be able to like go walk in your factory like a lot of times when you're just placing foundations they take up so much space it's nice to use like the walkways to just create like walkways and then also like you've got buildings with like conveyor belts and stuff that are always in the way and it's always tedious to move around i've never really used the walkways really too much like personally in my own playthroughs but i really love seeing when other people do it i just don't have like the vision for it you know um but i i a lot of people commented on these walkways so it seems like a lot of people um you know yeah they appreciate the new design and i guess they use the walkways so yeah and there's also uh i don't remember if you said this in the video but there's a little bit of collision change as well like the old ones had like small gaps i think you talked about this in the video there's like small gaps in the whole version of the railways yeah i didn't talk about it in the video but okay yes there was yeah that's true yeah but that's that's not like there's a different collision set on these walkways so they're like a different uh type of walkway in that sense like that they don't work the same way or they work the same way but they have a different collision set so to speak that's neat and and also we've added a new type of walkway which is the stairs the stair walkway which you can see here yeah there's a closer look i think if you keep going you yeah you came back to it right yeah yeah yeah yeah which is something that i've been wanting for a long time because i tend to i don't use stairs like the stair buildable i tend to use walkways and create staircases um but that takes up a lot of space so it's kind of hard to like make it fit now we have stair walkways yeah and they're they're they're tight you know you can still sort of get up the toilet yeah they don't take up too much not a huge footprint yeah