October 8th, 2021 Video Jace Talk: New "Stop Settings" feature

October 8th, 2021 Video

Jace Talk: New "Stop Settings" feature


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now there's actually a new ui which is also a completely new feature all right so this is actually a pretty advanced feature as well when it comes to the trains and this is like the stop settings stop settings feature okay so when you're in the timetable for a train station you get this like little cog next to a train station you can click on that and that will open up the stop settings and this is the stop settings for that train at that particular station what the stop settings are are a series of conditions that you can apply for what a train should do when it stops at a specific station or you can set it so your train should now only load or unload specific resources or do nothing at a station as well if you wanted and I think this feature actually is pretty huge I think a lot of people can see will immediately see a lot of benefits for for this kind of functionality and one thing to note here is that all of these settings are per train per station okay so if you have multiple trains on a single network they can do different things if that's what you want so like I feel like the specifying what resource you can load and unload is probably going to be the big kind of like whoa this is amazing thing here but something something to notice here like one of the reasons this feature this entire stop settings feature came to came into existence is that now that there are trains constantly stopping and starting because of signals because of collision congestion becomes a problem and with these stop settings it gives you the ability if you're clever enough to optimize or try to optimize away congestion in your network as well by specifying how long trains should spend at train stations etc etc okay so those those are all the new things about