May 11th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: When the full game's out, will you consider releasing for Console?

May 11th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: When the full game's out, will you consider releasing for Console?

This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: May 25th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can we expect a console release in 2022?

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when the full game is out you consider it coming from console yo let me talk about console for a second because this is something that a lot of people ask me all the time all the time and uh time to disappoint because we don't actually have any plans for console and i don't know if we're ever gonna have plans for console maybe we will um but yeah i don't know like it's it's a this game is very like um heavy like performance wise it's it's like the the the reason we kind of have right now is that you know the game has no limits which on pc is fine because people can like potentially like keep upgrading their pcs and stuff like that but on console you can't um so we would have to infer some kind of limits to the game because the the thing with like the limit on console is that once you hit it it it crashes the game much sooner than it will on pc so uh it's it's really hard for us to like imagine this game being on console to be honest like for that reason the other reason is also because you know controller support we're not 100 certain if we're going to be able to actually have proper control to support object limit you like well that's another thing as well i mean there's there's a limit to the game but potentially apart from that because we can optimize away for that uh to a certain degree but uh but the thing is that the object limit is so high and people are not not getting anywhere near that on console but it's it's gonna hit that limit before that um but another thing is like controller support which is something that we're not super certain we can support um and at the end of the day once the game is out and all that jazz and we're done with it uh just because of the how the game is made and the game is made for pc like in mind and keyboard and mouse um so we're not super certain about console um it's not impossible like it's not i'm not saying like it will never happen but i have very like i'm like 90 sure that we're not even gonna touch it until 1.0 maybe some other company will do it for us or something like that but i mean i don't think i don't think they're going to be able to deliver to be honest so like and we don't want to release a shitty console port like that feels super bad um we'd rather have it like be pc exclusive than release a shitty pc port that we have to like maintain and like that because having just having that on steam and epic is is a lot of work just like being able to support more than one platform which we technically don't really because it's the same game but if we were to release it on console then we have to maintain and support that so uh that's that's the end of that story the the the tldr on console is we don't have any plans for it we don't know if it's gonna happen maybe it will happen in the future but i don't know we'll see definitely probably not until 1.0 now i say this and i'm like oh maybe we'll stop people stop people will stop asking now it's not gonna happen people are gonna keep asking consoles will be dead by 1.0 exactly it's going to be heat death of the universe so yeah one is the presentation wait what presentation console port when you guys suck any plastic causal support ah i'm getting out of here


i'm pretty sure we have isn't it like consoles or something like that console do not have that i was super sure certain we did have one oh interesting i guess i need to add that pc pc only consoles