May 25th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can Jace juggle?

May 25th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can Jace juggle?

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content chat can jace juggle chase can jogger well he can actually oh you want you want some juggling yeah do it i actually learned about this on stream gonna buy some time yeah yeah yeah here we go


oh it's sweet yeah it's cool because you can both do the uh the forward thing as well like that when your hand yeah your hands in front of you it's cool i've tried to learn how to juggle and i just gave up at some point because you start off with like two balls and you do it with one hand not really and not really no because they're they're very different uh approaches oh juggling like yeah they're like completely different which is interesting that's because i was taught that like you have to start off with like one hand and two balls and when you can do that you move over to three balls so like you can't really oh have i been lied to this entire time i have because the hard part for when you when you're juggling three balls right you need to use two hands right well you could juggle with one hand but um so so you need to get the coordination between two different hands and that's a completely different skill than just getting your one hand moving quickly i guess that makes sense also don't take any of this out of context chad thanks the way the way you start is is two balls with two hands that's how you start learning i can do that yep but you gotta learn the right way and then easy true one hand two balls are still tough one hand two balls just like it's still hard it's just it's just different like if you could if you could do three balls that doesn't mean you can do two balls we should talk about this more you heard about this hair first folks this is this is where this is the content right here yeah i think we should go even more in depth all right what color are your excuse me well anyway one of them's black the second one is black the third one is white oh what a twist


all right do you have more than three ones i actually have another black one somewhere i don't know where it is cool anyway welcome to our welcome to our depth stream where we're talking about satisfactory and how to juggle apparently no blue no stop chat i i see you chad i'm just like it's been constant since we started talking about this it's just been constant [ __ ] like innuendos here oh get your head out of the gutter chat okay this is a professional stream okay we don't we don't just mess around here this is where you come for information okay the good type anyway you want to move over to community highlights not sure anyway yeah i mean if you don't mind you know what i thought you don't want to talk more about juggling yeah i want to talk more about your balls anyway um yeah