September 29th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Turkish section on the Discord/Forums?

September 29th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Turkish section on the Discord/Forums?

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um as turkish players we very much want to have our own sections on the forum discord we cannot understand the english sections and we cannot interact with turkish players uh yeah i've got this couple times specifically from turkish players and not really from anyone else actually it's kind of that's happened but a few more yeah but the thing is it's not possible uh we can't do that um the reason is like one thing is we're verified we've got a verified discord channel which means we're responsible for maintaining the terms of service on the channel and so the first thing is if we have a turkish section or a french section or whatever language um we won't be able to moderate that now you could say well get turkish-speaking moderators and yeah that would work and that would actually work but then the problem there is the french folks want the french section germans folk want german russians want russian the japanese want japanese koreans want korean like then what do we do spanish want spanish like what do we do we can't do that the loop of like having moderators on 24 7 so to speak because we have our mother is right now our place like all over the world so we do have an eye on the discord like all the time whereas if you have a turkish section we need to have people be able to do that so it's also complicated that way so one thing that we kind of recommend but it's like it's tricky like i would love this issue to be solved but it's it's really tricky and one thing we sort of encourage and some folks have done it is to create your own discord and try and start something there within the turkish or whatever language community uh and hope hopefully you can build something there where you can hang out and talk now the weird thing there is it would be really nice to me is if you did that that we could promote your discord and say there's a turkish-speaking one or a french-speaking one over here and try and redirect people to your discord but then the same problem occurs where we're a verified channel and if we're recommending another discord and i don't know some people are like hyper racist or like disgusting or sharing like inappropriate things then we're in a way responsible for promoting it it's it's tough like it's something we've thought about and don't yet have a solution for there's also the aspect that like there are for instance many french discourse satisfactory discords but that's the problem there are many french discords so like which one do we promote do we promote all the french discord so do we promote the most popular one like it's it's a it's a complex situation don't forget our norwegian section because you don't understand the quack of your swedes is what your swedes are saying in english um that's very funny uh is chinese someone said something is chinese the most speaking spoken language i actually don't have the stats on that it would be really good if we had stats on that um but maybe there's a lot of chinese speaking folks as well yeah so like same kind of thing for all major languages i don't like that idea so much though like yeah we could do that but define major language like we've got a turkish person here just suggesting and asking for that now and turkish is not a major language within the scope of the game or audience like i'm not saying turkish isn't important but you know and i and i i i really feel bad about that um i i don't i don't want to dis i don't want to dismiss any region or language because it's smaller i like i really don't like that but it's really hard to not do that or solve yeah it is a bummer because like it's the same way goes for like content creators and like anyone really in the community that's not spoken english because like that's how we interface with with our community and like the only way we really can integrate with people is be because of our language viruses like we speak english and we speak like swedish but that's pretty much where we stop like australian yeah again so they also said uh i also encountered racism on the rest of the discord twice only because i'm turkish you shouldn't be getting that treatment at all and if you are that is that is an issue and they should be punisher should be handled uh in that case please contact the mods and let them know what's happening so they can sort of review and look into it because that's not appropriate at all we do look into that yeah