November 15th, 2022 Livestream Dylan, Mark, and Snutt Talk: Changing the Overclocking exponent

November 15th, 2022 Livestream

Dylan, Mark, and Snutt Talk: Changing the Overclocking exponent

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because we're gonna change overclocking the game and people have probably maybe noticed or maybe no maybe they haven't how the hell will they notice that unless they're it's kind of tricky but we are changing the exponents for the the overclocking and the exponent is going to be 1.3 something something two one nine I don't know yeah yeah it's some decimals yeah so instead of being 1.6 the way it was before if you guys don't know what I'm talking about, look it up no the way that overclocking is calculated is it takes, Power required and it's, like to the power of one point something 1.3 now it USB 1.6 which means that like the more power you want to get out of it like the or that's what power generates but the more power the more you want to get out of your like when you're always like a machine the more power it requires and that power ramp isn't linear it's not like as if you if you go from like a machine making 30 iron ingots per minute and one overclock at 100 or 200 260 then that doesn't require twice as much power it requires a bit more than twice as much power and that's like, how how it scales isn't linear so and it used to be an exponent that was 1.6 and now it's 1.3 something something the reason why it's that weird one is because, we get better numbers from like the machines themselves, yeah on some power values on the 150 200 yeah steps, still, I mean it's still just a test case so we've been going I've personally been going back and forth on the slot like and I keep changing my mind on them we want that of it and there is some future content as well that we have to consider that we won't be talking about but there is there is a bunch of things that go in here and blueprints was one of them yeah so initially the ID which you explained as well in the video was that, we were just gonna make it linear because blueprints were gonna potentially undermine the whole overclocking business but then we kind of felt that maybe people will start using the power shards in the blueprints which will of course then increase their usage because you will be placing them multiple times just to save the space to get a cleaner setup potentially yeah and the big thing is just we don't really know how how the average player is going to use it and we're still, finalizing our Telemetry for it as well which will hopefully give us like a clear answer of how many of you actually do overclock and there's actually a problem that we need to solve so we'll just be testing this for now and we will just see how it goes so just let us know what you think you hate it or if you think it's a good change yes that's a good segue too if you have if you do want to voice your opinion on that stuff or if you have any other bugs, I mean if it happens then make sure to go to our QA site, that's the best place to post your your, your suggestions and stuff, because that way the whole team can can look into it and see stuff like that, so yes will we get more blueprints