September 1st, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Update 4 re: Dedicated Servers, Quality of Life, and Content?

September 1st, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Update 4 re: Dedicated Servers, Quality of Life, and Content?

This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: January 19th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How possible are Dedicated Servers in Update 4?

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it's a good question dedicated servers that's actually a good point uh let me just uh so yeah uh i forgot to mention this so so yeah we have plans for we have content plans for update four and update five these are kind of like we're planning for both updates i believe uh and also like for even for a 1.0 we're trying to also figure out like what we want to make for a 1.0 so we can better like estimate like how far have we gotten so far which is kind of impossible for us to say right now because everything gets derailed all the time but it's like uh what we have planned for and before we get to update four we are going to like roll out you know patches for things uh we might roll out i don't know if this is actually happening but we might roll up like some environmental updates to like the map there are places in the map that's like there's a bit of stuff missing on the map there's like quality wise it goes up and down on the map like you'll be in one section of the map and it's very finalized and everything looks good and then you run it in a different one and it looks like you know kind of placeholder stuff which is kind of what what the deal is floating rocks um what's up with that right uh there are also holes like in the water at certain places so i believe i'm kind of speaking out of my ass here because i'm half remembering that meeting um um but i believe we're gonna roll that kind of stuff out before update 4. we're also going to roll out some connection updates that just has to do with peer-to-peer connectivity stuff i believe we're going to roll up multiplayer fix some multiplayer fixes that we have planned for albeit right now we have bigger update like multiplayer updates planned so i don't know if we'll be like rolling out like you know small bug fixes here and there i think it's rather going gonna be like we're gonna prioritize like optimization for multiplayer and then that will probably take some time because that's a big bit of a bigger issue uh but what i wanted to get with this was dedicated servers is its own beast like dedicated server is not like tied into update 4 or update 5. dedicated servers is like its own standalone thing and we are going to prioritize steady good servers a bit more now once now that we've gotten the steam release out of the way because there were both things that we were working on on like the steam release that also tied into dedicated servers which is kind of nice um so we got a bit of work done on that part but now like once uh once we're back we're gonna focus about a bit more on dedicated servers so we can hopefully get that out asap um that being said there's still so much work i think i don't know i haven't worked on it uh on that stuff um so like i don't i wouldn't see dedicated servers coming out like i wouldn't say like next month like or a month of that like it'll probably take some time so i don't know like how how much in before update 4 you'll actually get dedicated servers um but we are prioritizing that now about like a lot more um and our ambition is that we we get dedicated servers out before update 4 is is the plan but with anything with our development cycles and and delay staying studios things just get shifted a lot stuff change you know like it's both things that we probably could have planned better for but it's also like things that we didn't think about um and that's just the way it is making making these type of ambitious games it's that's just the way the cookie crumbles