April 10th, 2020

April 10th, 2020 Multiple Hotbars + Interview with Art Director on updating art assets

Torsten & Jace Talk: FICSIT Equipment polish




maybe for the man yep yep okay so yeah
okay so the next thing is some equipment
polish yeah those are smaller changes
probably than the others
we've teased you about with the train
station in the mam the equipment pretty
much got a polish to make them all feel
more of a set of fixit's of official
fix-it tools provided for the pioneers
so so that I have the same the same
color coding they have the same
materials and everything is a bit more
coherent visually
so we looked into that again we didn't
change really change functionality it is
more of a visual to tweak and yeah and I
think they turned out pretty fine I like
them a lot actually because that would
now they really look like they're part
of the fix-it tool family yeah sure yeah
yeah I can see that and for some reason
I really like the paint on the end of
the tape gun I just love those colors
and maybe that's a stupid thing to like
but I do I think that's very valid to
like fancy colors I yeah I mean half of
the good t- the colors if you mess up
the colors you can just you can just
throw away the rest and you're such a