April 10th, 2020

April 10th, 2020 Multiple Hotbars + Interview with Art Director on updating art assets

Torsten & Jace Talk: New M.A.M. Concept Art




shall we move on yes all righty so we
have another one here and it looks like
there's gonna be a rework of the man
yeah the rework of the man is that the
goal is essentially to make the current
ma'am give the current ma'am a little
bit more a little bit more sciency feel
to it adding a little bit of detail and
a little bit of interesting depth to it
and while keeping the main functionality
of course I mean as you can see like the
ma'am the MEMS Prime feature and prime
function is you throw in stuff and it
gets analyzed and the data gets
submitted gets sent to fix it for
rewards and for new recipes and for new
ways to construct things and that's why
this is gonna have a lot more iconic
parts in there that try to communicate
these these exact parts of the these
steps for example we have like the AFV
analysis which gets get thrown over to
the research research data progressing
which sends it to the uplink and of
course there's a lot a little bit of
fluff some like anywhere you have the
tinkering desk with a lovely little
stuff lying around and some other things
and what we also aim for is to visualize
information on the ma'am a little bit
more so that screens actually show you
the the current progress like a progress
bar that when you walk
or pass the ma'am on your way to I don't
know how to buy your coffee cup at the
mem awesome shop you could go past there
look at and say or whatever it's 50% I
can come back later so ideally yeah you
get a lot of informations via that yeah
I love that sorry my camera died I was
distracted but did you talk about the
uplink animation yeah part of the one
one another plant animation is to have
like the the satellite the data uplink
also being movement being in motion once
it's actually working it's got stuff to
do so players can guess or can see at a
first glance like Oh at one glance you
know okay
ma'am is done I could I could just feed