April 10th, 2020

April 10th, 2020 Multiple Hotbars + Interview with Art Director on updating art assets

Jace Talk: Multiple hotbars




in the title there's also a new feature
multiple Hutt bars so I'll just get that
out the way now okay so these are the
multiple Hopf bars if they function just
like they did before but you can see on
the side there it says the number one it
goes to ten you can see on the little
circle where it highlights on which hot
bar you're on and yeah they just
function as regular hot bars too of
course you can have like different sets
now one could be an exploration hot bar
ones like a foundation hot bar one could
be pipes one can be conveyors and and
buildings whatever power and I'm sure
you're gonna figure out good ways to use
now the cool thing about that is the
stuff we're gonna talk to Torsten about
is gonna be stuff that's gonna come in
to the steam release but this is
actually coming next week we've already
got it done it's gonna be in the
experimental version next week and so
test that I hope it doesn't break don't