April 10th, 2020

April 10th, 2020 Multiple Hotbars + Interview with Art Director on updating art assets

Torsten & Gunst Talk: Train Station redesign concept art




move on to what we're gonna be
showcasing the the idea of just
redesigning of I guess like what is
there for that purpose okay so we're
gonna switch to something now and show
you something cool so this here is the
new train station it's a concept right
yep can you tell us a little bit about
it yeah this concept was done by Sophie
she did a really good job on what is
essentially a polishing
design of the existing train station
we're not looking so much into changing
changing functionality of the train
stations but more like tweaking
architecture and design and shape
language a little bit so that it's it
looks a bit more appealing and a bit
more sleek and we're getting a kick out
of it I think it it's already looking
pretty good it's being worked on right
now and I'm pretty positive the people
will like it once it's in the game
yeah looks looks look snazzy man look