April 10th, 2020

April 10th, 2020 Multiple Hotbars + Interview with Art Director on updating art assets

Q&A: What does Art Direction entail?




yeah and now I have the fun to talk
about something some art I reckon yeah
thanks yeah for sure and and so for
those out there who may not know exactly
what art direction entails could you
give a little bit of like a brief
explanation yeah what what it entails
essentially in my job apart from
actually doing hands-on work like doing
concept art - I'm responsible for
looking into maintaining like a quality
for art assets but also making sure that
any new assets or any new visuals that
we work on fit into the overall visual
identity or the style if you like of the
game of the game world and of
satisfactory in general and look into a
stuff that we might potentially improve
even further and maybe even redesign
based on like based on just visual
quality or requests or yeah whatever we