February 20th, 2019

February 20th, 2019 Satisfactory Level Design Stream

Q&A: Are these stalactites scientifically accurately placed?




are these stalactite scientifically
accurately placed I guess I can go into
a little bit of like how we decide where
to put things and how the world looks a
lot of it is actually research into
geology and a lot of times I actually
consulted Google Maps or something like
that to sort of see okay how does how
does the world work pattern wise because
it's all about patterns in nature and
yeah usually you'd have stalagmites
hanging directly over stalagmites and
stuff because they Selig mites
essentially help create static no static
tight help create static mites it's
always confusing which ones up and which
ones down yeah but yeah I used Google
Earth just to sort of see what nature is
up to honestly and there was a study
that was done here as well for how
erosion works for example how water
erodes rock and earth and such and how
rivers are created and lakes and
anything and how all these things are
connected and so that there is thought
that goes behind this creation but at
some point we also take some creative
freedom where we take what is pretty
over what makes sense because well you
know what this game to be pretty
yeah exactly start tights hanging down I
I see you Jonas I see you I have that I
have that trick as well but if you want
the safe for work version it's the
stalactites as in top if that helps
anyone there you go
yep Tim Tim got it too