February 20th, 2019

February 20th, 2019 Satisfactory Level Design Stream

Q&A: What is the biggest difference in working at an indie studio vs. a major one?




what is the biggest difference between
working at an Indy CEO versus a major
one but the biggest thing for me was
versatility I really like doing
different kinds of jobs like for example
the fact that I do both lighting and
writing and level design and sometimes
even a little VFX but that's really on
the side at a triple ace to you you
don't really you specialize much more
you go deeper into one skill and that is
kind of the thing you do as an industry
or you get a much more chance to just do
all kinds of things and I just like too
many things to really want to specialize
in to one single thing all right let's
see so that for me is really the biggest
plus of working at an industry oh I also
just like the fact that we're a smaller
team and that means you know people
better and you I know that there's just
a more of a closer connection between
people which is really really nice like