February 20th, 2019

February 20th, 2019 Satisfactory Level Design Stream

Q&A: What did Hannah do to get into Coffee Stain?




what did I do to get into coffee-stained
well I was studying game design in the
Netherlands for a while and in my last
year we did internships so at first I
interned at Ubisoft and ma fuyi and then
Natalie a really good friend of mine who
I met in college was interning here and
she was talking about how cool it was
and how the people were awesome and that
the work was cool and I figured out that
I wasn't really too much for a triple-a
development and I was looking for a
different kind of workplace essentially
so I was like okay and Natalie told me
that they were looking for another
designer so I applied as for an
internship here and I got in and that's
pretty much how how it all started so I
I uh my my spot here - Natalie most
likely because honestly coffee-stained
wasn't really on my radar before I
played goat simulator and I sort of
vaguely knew about them but I didn't
really know pay attention I guess but my
eyes were opened