February 20th, 2019

February 20th, 2019 Satisfactory Level Design Stream

Q&A: What is Hannah's most favourite game?




what is my most favorite game oh no that
is a terrible question to ask someone
why do you do this I'm f I'm mostly of
RPGs I play a lot of dungeon and Dragons
both groups here but I play I'm a firm
Bioware games lover I love these
discrete series most anything that has
roughly elements in it or exploration
I'm a fan of exploration what would get
my job it's pretty perfect see other
stuff most I'm a kind of story for of
these reasons I play overwatch
for example
they are that like more narrative driven
games like like the strings or the
telltale games but I also play stuff
like Borderlands and do silly shooters
I'm yeah I'm probably gonna play anthem
I played the demo I think that was two
weeks back and the gameplay is actually
really cool I'm just so worried about
the the hub stuff but it thankfully
gives them time it'll be pretty cool
but I mean honestly the the gameplay and
the the navigation of the areas just