February 20th, 2019 Livestream Hannah Talk: Level Design Stream (Part 5)

February 20th, 2019 Livestream

Hannah Talk: Level Design Stream (Part 5)


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this looks with late it's a little dark so let's add it's not too dark but when the night falls


and it gets pretty dark so let's add some lights am I in the right title hold on I will have to check and I can check by clicking this I'm x1 y3 so let's see that's not the one I have selected sift it click there it's selected and everything I place into it will be in that Thailand will be loaded with that tile foliage automatically does this because it's painted on the tile itself so that's very handy let's see details the situation can go a little wider and if we make it darker let's make it a little bluish to make them a bit more cave like I suppose and then make it more intense let's see just some ambient lighting so that it can be able you're able to sort of see where you were at but there's also flashlights so hopefully it won't be too bad and I'll just make this one Knicely highlight it


copy this one over to here and now the cave has a little bit of ambient lighting so you can actually sort of see what are you doing it's a fairly rough concept will be probably doing another pass when we let me just save everything I'll do another pass when we have all the assets exactly as we want them and a better idea of exactly what wouldn't want to do with caves because caves are a fairly recent development are twice because they've been in the game for a while but we haven't really had a good asset set for them so this is all actually fairly new for me I've only really started doing this today all right let's get a little glimpse of the outside when there's night as well is there lava if you dig deep enough I guess I don't think there will be lava but yeah this is an idea of what the world looks like we've done a lot of were work on the perimeter so like the skybox that clouds the lighting the mountains in the distance so that's all been fairly new this area in particular rocky desert if you watch the previous stuff stream deserts are kind of my thing so I've worked a lot on this area and also the other desert which probably won't be shown today but is in the game so yeah let's see where the next cave is and let's put it back to mid-day there we go light let's see let's find the cave let's see we've done this now this is a cave thingy this one might be interesting it's a bigger one it's fairly open and do 30 or I think that was a pretty interesting one that one isn't in a tile that I can't get to yet here we go so this is sort of like a transition cave like underneath the level we all have internal names for all the areas but just so that we know what we're talking about we're like I'm working on the dune desert or I'm working on the rocky desert working on these canyons or working on the southern forests started in northern forests so we can actually know where people are talking