November 2nd, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Concept Art vs. Community

November 2nd, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Concept Art vs. Community

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um all right let's let's dive into something yeah funny so this was shared by torsten uh our art director uh today just kind of a little meme thing i guess he sort of made uh uh internally on our teams so if you want to show that let's do it uh i don't know if i have so yeah so this is like uh we're gonna dive into a little bit more with this uh with a mood board that was put out together to like when when we were looking for inspiration for like what buildables do we want to put in and like what what what is our goal with the cosmetic stuff that we want to do uh tasha and put together this like uh mood board here and like this image here of like what we wanted players to build and like a few uh concept art i guess and then what actually you know what people are doing with it yeah and you know they're i mean pretty much hit the mark they did pretty well there and like uh the the the stuff on the left is concept right and the things on the right are actually from we get to showcase this a little later in the community highlights but they're from someone named i think it's ricey ricey555 uh on on reddit um yeah that's right yeah uh um that's them so yeah the stuff on the right is like actual stuff that people are making and the things on the left is like what we're hoping people would make and i think this is uh we we sort of like nailed it i think in this case yeah and one one thing that i also loved when i was when we were working on the very first cosmetics teaser that we did with the the train coming and dropping off stuff and like we showcased like all the new stuff uh when we and torsten were building that like factory i remember we were talking about how like we've when we've been building factories we've been like oh this is a cool way to do that and then you can do this and like combinations of like you know putting the walls and like the windows and stuff like that we were always like talking about how you know we think we figured out how people what people are gonna do with this but we have no idea like actually how people look like people are going to surprise us in so many ways uh and uh been browsing reddit you all truly did yeah we'll we'll see it in today's community highlights that was just too much for me to pick from and it's it's uh it's so weird that like sometimes it feels like we give we give so little to you guys but you do so much with it but it's it's not that we give so little like like what we do give is very carefully considered um so you know we are very intentional about like what we give you guys but it it really is like what you then go and do with it is just mind-boggling um yeah really cool