April 2nd, 2020 Q&A Jace Talk: Let's Gay It Out

April 2nd, 2020 Q&A

Jace Talk: Let's Gay It Out


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so the like okay so the the last thing to address here is you've seen it in the descript Idol of the video snoot and I are leaving coffee-stained we announced that on Twitter we started a new YouTube channel called let's get out yeah you know it's like we figured it was time I've been with Coffee State for five and a half years it's time to move on to other things it's been really fun with you all so it was exciting to announce that I had my heart racing the whole time the other thing though is that we released it on April 1st it was an April Fool's joke so we're fine wish you were here yeah we're still here we're not leaving the channel is real the video is real but we're not leaving coffee-stained it was just a joke it was a very very cruel joke I just want to say though a really big thanks to everyone who supported us a lot of people were like we're gonna miss you and all this stuff and that is really nice I'm sorry I'm sorry we played with your heartstrings I'm also not sorry because I love trolling so much we're not going anywhere I've also sorry that we're not going anywhere yeah