April 2nd, 2020 Q&A Jace Talk: Impact of global pandemic

April 2nd, 2020 Q&A

Jace Talk: Impact of global pandemic




and today we're I'm just going to be putting out a bit of information yeah I'm in my home because because isolation social distancing quarantine all of that good stuff I just want to let you all know first of all that a lot of people have been asking about how we're doing here coffee stain not here but there and everyone is safe and healthy so far hopefully that doesn't change anytime soon or ever and we are all working from home are a couple people but this is basically no one at the office anymore so we're we're playing it safe and we're taking care of ourselves we are continual continuing to work from home and we're talking to each other online and all that stuff it's a bit tricky not gonna lie but I think development has slowed down just a little while we adjust to what's going on and how things are gonna work but yeah we're doing our best and things are still moving forward and thank you very much for all the concern so the main topic of today is