July 13th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Update 5

July 13th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Update 5


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um all right so let's do this thing all right state of dev is the first thing that we've got up on the bill all right and a lot and some people i've seen some people guessed it already in the chat uh state of dev is nothing everyone's on vacation which is kind kind of true a lot of people are going on vacation a lot of people are gone this week more people will be gone next week um yeah but the current state of development anyway despite that is that we i think i think we talked about this last week but we were gonna start an internal play test of update five um so yeah we actually can start playing with the features see how they feel and see how the future looks for in terms of what we what we should do from this point on in terms of what's working what's not what needs a little bit more uh problem solving or whatever right um so uh we were supposed to have that test start last week but it was delayed internally because it wasn't uh it wasn't building or something there was like some crash or something um but i believe that that is up and running now and i think people are testing now so even though a lot of people on vacations a lot of the folks that are here are doing some testing if i recall correctly uh if not if that's incorrect we'll just roll with it anyway all right we'll just assume it's the truth um it's just gonna be easier for everybody if we just if we just assume what i'm saying is correct this is gonna get a lot easier okay guys let's just let's just roll let's just roll with that all right um uh yeah so that's pretty cool we also did like a big presentation of update five uh the features um internally so we did a presentation internally everybody jumped in on the call and and a bunch of people did a presentation of all the features that are going to be in update five uh in order to prepare them for the the play test so this is kind of interesting this might sound strange to you guys right like it's like wait wait they have to create a presentation to explain to the people who are making the game what's in the game and that that would that absolutely sounds absurd when you say it out loud but in reality that's kind of how it really is because people who are in their disciplines are generally hyper focused on what they're doing people are always kind of aware of what other things are going on but but like if you're like an artist a 3d artist or something like that you're like you're busy making stuff not playing the entire game and checking out everyone else's work so these kind of presentations are really good so that like programmers or whoever can can explain to everyone this is what we're doing this is what to expect um these are the current limitations or whatever uh and so that when you jump in the game you've got the uh you know you've got a better idea of what what it is you can be trying out or what you should be trying out when we do the play test so that's kind of um that's kind of how that works so yeah so there's a lot of people with i mean jason lightrooms i've never lied to you guys not even once um and uh yeah so like i don't know maybe that's interesting to you guys maybe it's not but uh that's kind of how it is so