June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace & Torsten Talk: Concept Art - Zipline

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace & Torsten Talk: Concept Art - Zipline


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very cool, equipment of course update four had some pretty nice equipment, I yeah the zipline tool, which was kind of a weird idea that just happened along the way and which was just, thrown into the game I think it was stefan right I think stefan I appreciate it pretty sure like this was prototyped and like on on like, at the sideline stephen made this and got it like working yeah he he does that yeah he does that he kind of just does that I mean yeah it goes rogue and just like there's like a couple more things that he's kind of done yeah you just kind of did it yeah a couple of our cool features in the game are just people just do it yeah it just yeah that sounds crazy yeah right let's just do it whatever and this is one of those it's funny this is the first time I've realized there's a button on the zipline there oh yeah that opens the thing because you don't because the hand like blocks it in the game so you don't really see the button you just see the effect of it yeah you see it a little bit on the side yeah it's yeah we the original plan was to make it a lot more prominent but of course when you then put it into first person, it sometimes it gets covered but it is there so yeah it was it was one of the basic ideas and as you can see in the top and, in the bottom, we have we base it on some of the existing equipment because we always look into what we have which is also pretty pretty regular thing when you do our direction it's like okay we need new tools what tools do we have or what do they look like and what's the logic behind it what's the engineering behind it and there's also the reason why this looks a little bit more, jury rigged it looks a little bit more put together and bolted together is that this is not fix it's official fix it, sanctioned equipment this is essentially what you put together yourself using the newly discovered catering that's why it has a coterium spool so this is essentially the pioneer thinking well I'll just use a little bit of my my off time to create a creative a weird tool a creative time in the game yeah yeah it's a creative thing yeah every second friday you can take some time to make whatever you want is the gaffer tape detail in the game I can't remember, it looks different it looks it looks different now because at some point we changed it because we again another thing consistency we had, we decided not to use like silver gaffer tape because, on the nobelisk, there is some fix it branded, adhesive tape right so, fix it would probably not, issue two pioneers two different types of gaffer tape, so that's the fun details though how to get the lower right guys that's a very interesting detail yeah that's definitely not like communicated in the game in any way apart from like no no it's you can pick up on that if you look into it and if you don't care about it that's also fine but yeah it's it's it's part of our job to look into that and yeah I try to polish that